Forex Now More Accessible to Small-time Investors

Kommersant, №204, 28.10.05 The Russian Forex market just received a stimulus which should help to promote further development in the industry. Two of Russia’s own software developers recently released the latest development in internet trading software: the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Alpari Shares Its Experience in Safeguarding against Hackers

Time and Money, №195, 19.10.05 This fall, Alpari recently released a new product aiming to significantly simplify the work of those working in the currency market (Forex).

Forex News: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Evening Kazan, №166, 19.10.05 According to one of the legends surrounding George Soros, before each of the future billionaire’s profitable trades on the Forex market, his shoulder blade would begin to itch, as if wings were beginning to sprout from his back. Whether this is true or just a myth, one can only guess.

The Secret to Andrey Dashin’s Poise

Courage, 01.08.05 Our meeting with the vice president of Alpari was supposed to begin at 9:10 in the morning. At 9:08, I had just entered the ultra-modern dealing center on Kalinina Street. Never ceasing to be surprised by the whims of businessmen, I asked myself, “Why couldn’t we have begun at 9:00 or 9:30?” As […]

The International Currency Market is Now Even More Accessible

eTatar.ru, 23.06.05 An all-time high in activity has recently been observed in the financial services market. Mutual funds and financial companies have begun to offer an ever-increasing number of interesting financial products.

Alpari Offers the People of Kazan an Alternative to On-Site Internet Trading Courses

Intertat.ru, 22.06.05 A new educational/informational site, viac.ru, was recently launched by Alpari, a company recently named the “Best Internet Broker” at the “Financial Elite of Russia” Awards.

“Financial Professionals Are Not Born, They Are Made”

Time and Money, 15.06.05 Information technology has the ability to not only change the world of science and technology, but the everyday lives of millions of people as well.

“This Business Isn’t For Loners”

Tatar-inform.ru, 03.06.05 “Russian Forex Won’t Survive without a Takeover” Andrey Dashin, Vice President of Alpari, represents a new generation of businessmen in Tatarstan. Dashin is young (not yet 30 years of age), well-educated and confident in the future success of his business, which was built on the foundation of brainpower and information technology.

Euro Collapse Not a Surprise for Experienced Traders

Kommersant, №120, 02.06.05 A record drop for the euro and the simultaneous rise of the dollar during the past week have attracted a great deal of attention on the international currency market (Forex).

A Self-Made Man

The Republic of Tatarstan, №109, 31.05.05 There are a variety of ways to evaluate the development of a country: the standard of living, the level of personal freedom, the level of civic awareness…