Running your own business vs. passive investment

Money and Time, №54-55, 31.03.2006 “Dealing” – a nice-sounding word, but one that doesn’t mean anything to the uninitiated. But today, this type of business opportunity is available to just about anyone. You just need to know who to work with and how to choose them.

Call a good deed what you want, as long as it’s truly good

Komsomolskaya Pravda (Tatarstan Edition), №43 (23680), 28.03.2006 There are well-known shades of meaning separating the concepts of “patronage”, “charity”, “sponsorship”. Historically, charity was conceived of as being a reliable, continuous and longstanding commitment. Patronage was often centered on one-time contributions to particular projects, with the patron’s image receiving a boost as a result.

Business at the Speed of Thought

Kommersant, №51, 24.03.2006 What’s the essence of business –making money, the process or the result? The famous billionaire Onassis once said “don’t chase after money, let it come to you.” One of those letting it come to him is Alpari vice-president Andrey Dashin.

The Renaissance of Charity

Evening Kazan, №41 (3191), 21.03.2006 At different stages in the development of Russian society, businessmen have been moved to do charity work by different motives: a deep religious faith, a desire to be remembered by future generations, the recognition and respect of society. What is inspiring today’s business leaders to get involved in charity?