Filming a movie is substantially more risky than playing the Forex market

Teleshow, №25 (44), June, 2007 It’s a lot less problematic to anticipate the movement of the US Dollar against the Yen than to guess how many millions the next Hollywood production will take in. In addition to the analysis of financial experts on TV, there are lots of ways to determine by yourself whether any […]

Helping Orphans – Alpari’s Charitable Fund

Teleshow, №23 (42), 07.06.07 In the office of the Alpari Charitable Fund work doesn’t stop when it comes to helping children living in orphanages.

Online Trading in Russia

Finanzen, 07.06.07 The current stage in the economic development in Russia, now more than ever, boasts favorable conditions for the development of small business, which is a foundational institution for any country’s economy. Current government policy is designed to help create more opportunities for personal enhancement and close the gap between the richer and poorer […]

Dear Veterans of the Great Patriotic War

Komsomolskaya Pravda, №66, May 10-17, 2007 Please allow me to offer my thanks for your service to our country on this Victory Day!

School Kids Creating Own Websites

Kazan Business Journal, №8 (32), April-May 2007 The second “School Site” contest was held recently, organized by Andrey Dashin’s Charitable Fund. What’s the connection between charity and the internet you ask? It’s quite obvious: getting teenagers engaged in something productive is a good way to keep them off the streets and away from the temptations […]

Don’t Regret Time Spent on Good Deeds

Tatarstan’s Elite, April 2007 For a businessman, the expression “time equals money” is an undisputed axiom. Today’s world demands from those who wish to reach their goals and get to the top a faster pace of life and the ability to make quick decisions. The schedule of a businessman is packed with meetings, trips, negotiations, […]

Capital Comes from Hard Work

Where Is the Money, №8 (52), 20.03.07 Turning a hobby into a profession, finding something that is both enjoyable and profitable, is the dream of any student looking to work towards a future where money is not a concern. But not everyone is able to take their dream and turn it into a successful, dynamically-developing […]

Want an Apartment? Start a Business!

Time and Money, №47-48, 16.03.07 In the past few years, Kazan has undergone significant changes. The number of construction sites popping up is a welcome sight to both the people of Kazan and out-of-towners. The current growth and development of the city is a sure sign of a prosperous future.

Russians in London

Free Money, №02 (03), 2007 Just a few years ago, hearing Russian spoken was a totally alien experience for an Englishman. If in 1992 only one Russian national gained British citizenship, now there are more than 250 thousand Russians living in London alone, 700 of which are multimillionaires.