Andrey Dashin: “Business is built on a foundation of trust.”

Tatar-Inform, 29.12.2008 Alpari has been providing financial services for nearly 10 years and was recognized at the 2007 Financial Russia Awards for having the “Best Business Reputation in the Financial Sector”.

Andrey Dashin: “A talented businessman can take advantage of any situation.”

Eastern Express, No. 51-52, 25.12.2008 It has been said that a crisis is a time of opportunity. Andrey Dashin, president of the renowned financial company Alpari, would probably agree.

Where Ambitions Lead

Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 24.12.2008 In December 2008, Alpari will celebrate its 10th anniversary, a serious milestone for Russia’s financial sector. Furthermore, company founder and president Andrey Dashin isn’t hiding the formula of his success.

The Idea of “Disappointment” Shouldn’t Exist in Business

www.tatcenter.ru, 24.12.2008 On December 24, 2008, Alpari will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Having traveled a path from its origins in Kazan, Russia all the way to London, with stops along the way in Novosibirsk and Ukraine, the Alpari Group has established itself as one of the leading names in online trading. And company founder and […]

Andrey Dashin’s International Empire

Business District, No.18, 22.12.08 There’s a Japanese proverb that says that victorious warriors win first and then go to battle. Andrey Dashin, president of Alpari, is convinced that it was this focus on victory from day one that helped his company go international.

A Team will Work in Accordance with How It was Made

Кomsomolskaya Pravda, №190-T/51, 18.12.2008 What is the main job of any manager? It starts with having responsible and professional employees, fostering a harmonious and productive team – all of which leads to the success of the company. How do you achieve that? That depends on the talent of the manager, their ability to manage, to […]

Alpari Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

On December 13, we celebrated the 10th year anniversary of the founding of our company. Whether ten years is a lot or a little, I am nevertheless proud of the organization that I am in charge of, and the people I work with.

There’s no Need to be Quiet about Good Deeds

Eastern Express, 20.11.08 Polina Mamakova The first magazine devoted to charity in Kazan has been recently unveiled. This unique publication was presented to the public for the first time on Tuesday at the Agency for Mass Communications “Tatmedia”. Heading the presentation was Alpari Charitable Fund director and magazine founder Andrey Dashin.

Make your Contribution with an “Open Heart”

Komsomolskaya Pravda (Site), 19.11.2008 For what purpose was this unusual magazine founded? By whom? Andrey Dashin, director of the Alpari Charitable Fund is the founder and publisher of “An Open Heart”, and a firm believer that nowadays, it’s important to tell about good deeds and good people.

New Magazine Focused on Charity Released in Kazan

Kazanskiy Portal, 19.11.2008 November 18 was the release date of the first issue of a new magazine called “An Open Heart.” The publication, founded by Alpari Charitable Fund director Andrey Dashin, is devoted to issues related to charitable work and serves to facilitate financial and social support for underprivileged children.