There Must be an Idea at the Beginning of Any Enterprise

Komsomolskaya Pravda, 24.04.2008, www.kp.ru We all know why we go to school and university. Of course we want to gain useful knowledge and experience, ultimately leading to a prestigious job, success and wealth.

Choice – The Main Component of Life

Komsomolskaya Pravda, 17.04.2008 Success is an integral element in being happy. But it’s often a mysterious and elusive element to obtain. There have been just as many attempts to create a universal formula for success as there have been for finding love.

Without the Armor of Civilization

Expensive Pleasure, April 2008 For most of us, South America is associated with Aztecs, Tarantino films and tequila. Tour companies, who are endlessly outdoing each other with enticing invitations to take a plunge into the exotic, are largely responsible for the common misconception about this so-called “cactus paradise.”

The Peak of Successful People – Conquered

Your Day, March 2008 In Ecuador, the heart of the world, top managers from different sectors of business convened under the unique “Peak of Successful People” project. These Russian business leaders climbed the 5,126-meter Ilinica Norte, one of South America’s highest mountains.

Climb in South America

At the end of February, the publication “Retirement Money” initiated an unprecedented project called “The Peak of Successful People” – where a team of top managers from some of Russia’s most successful companies summitted South America’s highest volcano, Iliniza Norte (5,126 meters) as well as visited the Galapagos Islands.

Success is Confirmed on the Equator

I Buy, February 2008 Mark Shishkin “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war.” This old Samurai saying still rings true today. To be successful in anything, you have to win from the very beginning and you have to be a winner inside yourself. Those who have found victory within are not afraid of […]

New Book about Charity “From the Heart and for the Heart” Presented at Tatmedia

Tatar-Inform, 20.02.2008 Emma Sitdikova The new publication was presented by the Advisor to the President of Tatarstan for Social Affairs Tatyana Larionova and director of the Alpari Charitable Fund Andrey Dashin.

Creating an Empire

Expensive Pleasure, №1, January 2008 Andrey Dashin’s childhood was spent in the old apartment buildings around Kazan’s “Black Lake” park. There he played “war” with his friends, and like all boys, dreamed of becoming either an astronaut or a spy. Those were two of the most popular professions of the time.