Alpari – Company of the Year 2009

Business District, 21.12.2009

The past year in the Russian financial markets was full of action. For the Alpari Group, which released several innovative products and was recognized at all the year’s financial award ceremonies, it was a productive and successful year.

Alpari Group President Andrey Dashin Reflects on “Company of the Year 2009” Award

www.business-gazeta.ru, 17.12.09

Despite the financial crisis, the Alpari Group posted excellent results for the year 2009. The number of clients with live accounts more than doubled – reaching 160,000. New services were introduced and six international offices were opened under the Alpari brand. The monthly trading volume of the Alpari Group exceeded $140 billion. The company’s success was acknowledged on December 3 in the Column Hall of the House of Unions where Alpari president Andrey Dashin was handed the “Company of the Year 2009” award certificate.

Recognized for Forward-Thinking

Arguments and Facts, 16.12.2009

On December 3, RBK held an awards ceremony recognizing companies of the year in a number of different categories. This year, the category “Financiers and Services” was won by Alpari, one of the leading online brokers in both Russia and abroad.

Going Where Even the Deer Don’t Tread

More than Money, September 2009

Andrey Dashin, president of Alpari and head of the Alpari Charitable Fund. In addition to his work, Dashin is a devoted traveler and could see himself as an extreme sports instructor, perhaps in mountain climbing.

Alpari Conquers the Alps

Courage, №. 6, September 2009

It was just last year that an Alpari flag was proudly placed atop of one of the world’s tallest mountains, Kilimanjaro (6,000 meters). This summer, Alpari chief Andrey Dashin, led an expedition of his employees through the Alps. Since the company’s tenth anniversary coincided with the 210th anniversary of Russian war hero General Suvorov’s storied trek across the Alps, the route was an obvious choice for the Alpari team. We learned about the trip and the impressions that were left on Team Alpari from the journal of Dashin himself.

Signs and Symbols Rule the World

Expensive Pleasure, №9, September, 2009

Each day we make our personal history, each hour we add new lines to the chronicles of our lives, and everything we do leaves its mark, not just on us but on our families, and even on our whole lineage. Centuries ago, our ancestors recognized this responsibility and united their whole dynasties under one coat of arms. Centuries have passed but these values have been preserved to this day.

Kazan Brokers Follow in the Footsteps of General Suvorov

Business Online, 24.08.2009

Employees from the Kazan office of Alpari, a leading international internet broker, recently repeated General Alexander Suvorov’s trek across the Alps. Their trip was timed to coincide with the 210-year anniversary of Suvorov’s famous march, as well as Alpari’s tenth birthday. Mountain expeditions have already become somewhat of a tradition at Alpari. Just last year, Alpari president Andrey Dashin planted a flag emblazoned with the Alpari logo near the peak of Kilimanjaro. This year, the Alpari flag was planted atop one of the peaks in the Alps.

Hiking in Switzerland

July 24-31. We did a corporate hike along the path of the legendary Russian general Alexander Suvorov.

Summer in Italy

Trip to Terracina, Italy, July 26-28.

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