Alpari Wins at the “Financial Olympus” Awards

Kommersant, 05.05.2009 Alpari recently walked away a winner from the 2008 “Financial Olympus” Awards, taking the prize for the “Best Innovative Technology on the Forex Market”. The awards ceremony was held on April 28 in the Council of Federation building in Moscow. Andrey Dashin accepted the award certificate.

A Prize for the Broker, Profits for the Investor

Business District, 04.05.2009 Alpari’s PAMM Account service recently grabbed an award at the Financial Olympus Awards as the “Best Innovative Technology”.

Alpari Recognized for Innovation

etatar.ru 29.04.2009 Alpari picked up an award at the Financial Olympus 2008 Awards, as the company’s PAMM Account service won in the category “Best Innovative Technology in Forex”.

Peculiarities of the National Forex

“D” Magazine, Konstantin Ilyushenko, 20.04.09 President of the Alpari Group, Andrey Dashin believes that the Forex market in Russia should be regulated and that it has its own peculiarities. In some ways, it is more like the European market than the Japanese and Chinese markets, which are dominated by gambling and those cultures’ predilection for […]

Conquering New Heights in Currencies

Business District, Anna Saushina, 20.04.09 As a child, Andrey Dashin wanted to become a spy. To him, the profession was noble, risky and offered the excitement of anticipated danger. Mr. Dashin didn’t end up becoming a spy. Instead he was able to experience risk and excitement in a different world, when he opened a Forex-trading […]

Why Do We Need Charity?

Komsomolskaya Pravda (Site), 05.04.2009 Paulina Mamakova In a recent interview, Andrey Dashin, president of the Alpari Group, described the problems that are currently facing charity work in Kazan and talked about some of the achievements of his well-known Alpari Charitable Fund in the Republic of Tatarstan.

I Head to the Mountains to Escape Illusion

More than Money, No.1, March 2009 In post-crisis Russia of 1999, Andrey Dashin, president of the Alpari Group, started a business in a cramped room of an ordinary apartment in Kazan. Today, he is the head of the business he helped found, a business which has been honored among the “Financial Elite of Russia” and […]

Charity of the Year 2008

On February 9 in the Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiev recognized the organizations which have made the most impact on the development of charity work in the Republic of Tatarstan.

A Chronicle of Love and Charity

Evening Kazan, No. 17, 06.02.2009 On February 3, an event was held at “Tatmedia”, a mass communication agency in the Republic of Tatarstan, to unveil the book, “Warmed by Love and Care. Family Values: The Experience of Support and Nurturing”. Director of the Alpari Charitable Fund, Andrey Dashin, and Advisor to the President of Tatarstan […]

Andrey Dashin: “You’ll never truly understand the traditions of Tibet unless you were born there”

Komsomolskaya Pravda (Site), 29.01.2009 Paulina Mamakova Mystical, mysterious, and shrouded in ancient legend, Tibet is called the “Roof of the World” and the “Treasure Chest of the East”.