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My Future Plans

Mr. Dashin, recently the decision of SNB (Swiss National Bank) to remove the franc’s ceiling over the euro splurged a crisis in the forex world and led to Alpari (UK) Ltd incurring heavy losses, leading to Alpari (UK) Ltd Board of Directors putting the FCA regulated entity into administration. As one of the shareholders in Alpari (UK) Ltd how do you comment on these recent developments?

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A Businessman’s Life in The Island of Cyprus

Two years after the haircut in March, 2013, all restrictions on the movement of capital have been lifted. What does this mean for a foreign investor?

Certainly the consequences of the haircut, including the restrictions on capital movement, complicated business transactions and created barriers for potential foreign investors. However, it is my belief that any measures taken will ultimately help the Cyprus economy to become stronger. Cyprus has always been a very attractive place for investments and I think that this can only be perceived as a positive development which translates to the reestablishment of stability and steady return to normality. I have to admit that for me as an investor it is a great pleasure to see how quickly the country I chose as my business base rebounded and is getting back on track.