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Coat of Arms

The coat of arms is made in accordance to the rules of classical heraldry, as well as with the current Russian Heraldic Code Board.

The base of the coat of arms is a shield. For many centuries the shield has been used to protect, and to demonstrate their symbols.

Main tincture of coat of arms: gold, silver, azure and scarlet. Gold (yellow color) has always been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. In ancient times, gold was universally associated with the Sun, thus symbolizing knowledge and light. Silver (white color) – In Christian symbolism, silver is associated with divine wisdom. Azure (light blue color) -According to Hegel, blue corresponds to the gentleness, intelligence and peace of mind. This color is associated with charity in Judaism and with wisdom in Buddhism. According to folk tradition, it means faithfulness in Europe, and education and happy marriage in China. Scarlet (red color) – the symbol of joy and life in many nations, as well as beauty.

The shield is divided by St. Andrew’s silver cross, which symbolizes the name of Andrey, in four parts of silver. In Christianity, Andrey was the First-Called – patron of Russia. The principal shape on the shield is the gold heart on the top. On the left side of the shield is the sunflower. This plant symbolizes the aspiration for sunlight, and in the heraldic sense – to educate, to know. The right part of the shield has a gold heraldic rose. In heraldry, the rose is a symbol of absolute success, perfection and self-sacrifice in the name of a good cause. The bottom part of the shield shows the golden pyramid. In heraldry, the pyramid symbolizes unity, harmony and the pursuit of excellence.

The professional entrepreneurial crown crowning the shield, represents entrepreneurial power. Above the crown is a knight’s helmet, on which the required attributes of a personal coat of arms are placed: torse, mantling and jewel. The neck of the helmet is decorated with a cuts/holes in the form of St. Tatiana’s cross. The torse is painted in white-blue-red (Russian flag), and mantling – in silver with azure and gold with scarlet. The jewel shows a Basilisk – a major figure of coat of arms of Kazan.

Shield holders – Two Owls – a symbol of learning and wisdom.

The entire composition rests on a pedestal of blue marble, symbolizing education, learning and rich life experience.

The motto “Aspire to greatness” reflects the unity of the Αrmiger’s family members, loyalty to family traditions, veneration of ancestors, devotion to ancestral roots and the pursuit of preserving the good.