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My Interests

There is a very prevalent stereotype of the businessman who is so busy making money that he simply does not have time to explore anything else in life. I completely disagree with this since I enjoy immersing myself in my hobbies and personal interests that are outside my work life. I am a strong advocate of the Latin motto “healthy mind in a healthy body” and this is why I try to keep both in excellent shape and balance.

My hobbies complete my life, offering me different tastes and diversity. I truly believe that a successful person is a diverse person who is developed in various fields and spheres of life.


Charity is an important part of my life. I believe that anyone who wants to help other people can do so. The important thing with good deeds is that they shouldn’t be done to further some agenda – they should be done out of a sense of personal responsibility. This is especially true when it comes to underprivileged children and children with physical disabilities. Only we, as adults, can help children in need reach their full potential so that they may lead meaningful lives.


Sports & lifestyle

Sport develops will and endurance, helping to manage psychological burdens. I have been actively engaged in boxing for more than 20 years; I also enjoy mountain climbing, running and sailing.


My places

I love Kazan. It is an extraordinary and peculiar city, with a rich history and an incredibly bright future.
Cyprus has become something like a second home to me; a home away from home in Kazan, where I was born and raised. I feel just as comfortable living and working here as I do in my native hometown.


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