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My Family

My parents graduated from the Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute and remained there afterwards to teach after earning their doctorate degrees. My wife Julia also graduated from the same distinguished university but chose to work in the television business instead; breaking up her “finance relationship” following her university studies was a decision she did not regret for a moment.

We have three children. Our eldest daughter, Alexandra, studies history at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She is passionate about singing and enjoys recording songs in her free time.

Our son, Pavel, is finishing school and plans to study at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Finance. He has shown a keen interest in entrepreneurship and business from an early age.

Our youngest daughter, Anfisa, is currently attending school. She has a great love for animals and has many different pets. Anfisa regularly helps animal shelters by taking care of dogs and walking them. We are proud of her and fully support her passion for animal welfare.