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My Places


I love Kazan. It is an extraordinary and peculiar city, with a rich history and an incredibly bright future. We have a lot to be proud of. The city has a special energy to it. You can see the relationship and influence of two cultures from the renowned “white Kremlin” neighboring the Qolsharif Mosque and the largest university in Kazan, located right next to a memorial to Musa Cälil, a well-established poet even outside of Russia. Kazan is also home to a renowned opera and Ballet Theater as well as the famed Tatar National Drama and Comedy Theatre N.A. К.Tinchurin

Here is where I feel most at home. Here is where I spent the years of my youth. Here is where the people whom I share the bonds of kinship, love and friendship, live. I can see my hometown changing, new streets being added and entire apartment blocks being developed from the ground up. There are so many interesting projects and ideas that have been brought to life before my eyes by my fellow countrymen!


Cyprus has become something like a second home to me; a home away from home in Kazan, where I was born and raised. I feel just as comfortable living and working here as I do in my native hometown. The island of Cyprus has a rich and diverse history, which I think gives it something in common with my beloved Tatarstan. In both places you’ll often discover the present coming into contact with the past. Located at the intersection of international trading routes, Cyprus has acquired a distinctive local flavor and energy, a result of blending different cultures. When you add in the warm climate and the friendly people, you get an atmosphere that is truly hard to beat.