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Andrey Dashin, Founder of ForexTime discusses business and giving back to the community

For anyone driving past the Polemedia roundabout, the FXTM Tower stands out as one of the most beautiful and dominant buildings. The man behind it all is none other than the renowned Russian business entrepreneur and philanthropist, Andrey Dashin.
As one of the founding members of the Alpari brand, Mr. Dashin used his expertise and industry insights to create ForexTime. Founded in 2012, the broker quickly became a brand of its own, FXTM, known across the globe but headquartered in Limassol.

As Mr. Dashin says, “Limassol facilitates business activities because of its strategic position and large concentration of international and growing businesses. Its Mediterranean lifestyle offers a quality of life that one cannot easily find in big cities abroad. That’s why many foreign business people choose Limassol as their base, thereby transforming the city into a strong business centre”.

Since it began operations, ForexTime has invested a lot in the city; not only by opening up large windows of opportunity for young and experienced professionals alike, but by also sponsoring cultural events, promoting togetherness, and nurturing the idea of giving back to the community.

“FXTM has invested in Limassol not just through creating a large number of job positions for locals,” Mr. Dashin says, “but also through sponsoring various public and cultural events along with teaming up with municipalities to make the city a better place for both locals and tourists. The FXTM-sponsored public bike-hire is one such example”.

Cyprus also became the home of the Andrey & Julia Dashin Foundation, a charitable fund established by Mr. Dashin and his wife in support of any person or organization in need of aid. The Foundation hosts multiple fundraising events and charity galas throughout the year, while at the same time highlighting the city’s culture through unique occasions.