| Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation

Andrey and Julia Dashin celebrate 17 years of charity work!

It all started with the opening of the Alpari Charitable Foundation in Russia in 2005. 9 years later, the Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation began operating in Cyprus. In 2019, a branch of the organization was launched in Mauritius.

During 7 years of operation, the Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation has provided assistance in the amount of 4 million euros to more than 63 thousand people. The Foundation also attracted 150 volunteers and paid for the treatment of 1,205 children.

The organization provides support in various areas: education, health, sports, culture and arts, the environment, and social issues.

Real help is always valuable. Any manifestation of it – volunteering or material contribution – improves the quality of life of a person, an entire family, and even society as a whole.

Andrey and Julia Dashin achieve such success thanks to their perseverance and sincere love for their work.