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International charity campaign of the Dashin’s Foundation and Exinity

The reality of 2020 revealed that the pandemic has affected an unprecedented amount of people all over the world, a great number of whom have lost jobs, their health may have worsened, many cannot provide even for the basic needs for themselves and their families. But more than that – and what is truly disastrous – is that people are losing hope.

On October 4th 2020, thanks to the fruitful cooperation of Exinity volunteers, the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation sponsorship, and Helping Hearts Cyprus organization, over 50 households, comprising more than 120 people were provided with grocery packs with the aim of getting them through the following  couple of weeks.

The Dashin’s Foundation and Helping Hearts Cyprus once more joined forces on  March 28, 2021, whereby Andrey Dashin together with 19 Exinity employees distributed care packs and baby essentials to Limassol’s underprivileged families. In two hours, they delivered to 90 households.

As there can never be too much kindness or support, the Dashin’s Foundation extended the initiative to  other Exinity offices, with the purpose of joining forces in doing good and extending a helping hand to those vulnerable and less fortunate. The Foundation sponsored campaign at each participating office.

In Hong Kong, 12 volunteers sorted and packaged food for the low-income strata of the population. 18 employees from the Armenian office delivered food packages to families in Yerevan who’d been impacted by war. The entire Minsk office presented gifts to the wards of the oncological centre and took part in an entertainment event with the children. 17 employees from the Nigeria office distributed food packages to families in need. Five volunteers in Kenya and a staff member in Ghana, accompanied by friends, provided food supplies for local orphanages and distributed treats to children.

As a result of a large-scale charity campaign in seven countries, hundreds of people have been provided help, most of whom are families with children.

The Foundation’s core objective is to extend a helping hand by providing direct financial and moral support to all those in need and sponsor projects that are aimed towards the improvement of people’s lives and the environment. Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation has already supported and is further contributing to many NGOs and voluntary networks. Furthermore, as part of its corporate social responsibility and internal policy, it actively and passionately promotes the act of volunteerism by encouraging employees to participate in charity projects to make the work of the Foundation as efficient as possible and promote the act of giving to make this world a better place.

“The ability to make a positive change, even to the life of one community, one family or one person, is and will forever be important and we believe that anyone can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate because people were blessed with the gift of compassion and generosity – all we have to do is use it,” reads the official statement from Dashin’s Foundation.