Dashin’s Foundation “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Christmas and New Year Campaign

Since early childhood, we all excitedly look forward to Christmas and New Year celebrations. And even though many of us know that Santa Claus is a children’s story, even as adults we somehow keep the faith that miracles happen at this magical time of the year.

During this festive season, Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation shared the warmth of their hearts and created a true miracle for families across the island, fulfilling the cherished dreams of 10 children, giving them faith in wonders and people. Children of Limassol received gifts from the hands of Santa Claus himself, a disguised Andrey Dashin, who personally delivered them to the children together with his wife Julia and daughter Anfisa, bringing smiles and joy to each recipient. Besides the main participants of the campaign, their brothers and sisters also received gifts, because Christmas and New Year miracles and pleasant surprises are for everyone.

In addition to the gifts, families across Cyprus received 73 gift baskets, assembled with love and care, filled with various sweets, presents and games for children. The campaign was assisted by volunteers and the founder of the Cradle of Hope Association, who helped with the delivery of baskets across the island.

“It was a true pleasure being a cause of happiness of all these children and their families, bring joy and festive mood to their homes and make them believe in Christmas miracles. Our hope is that this gives them confidence in the future and demonstrates that they are not alone and can always count on the support of caring people,” reads the official statement from Dashin’s Foundation.