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Celebrating 5 Years of Impactful Philanthropy in Mauritius

Every child has the fundamental right to a joyful and carefree childhood. Therefore, regardless of the challenging circumstances they may encounter in life, it is the responsibility of adults to ensure that they receive all the necessary support and conditions for healthy growth, development, and education.

Five years ago, the Andrey and Julia Dashin Foundation established a branch in the Republic of Mauritius. Since then, the foundation has been working in partnership with the community organization Lions Club Port Louis Doyen to enhance the lives of the local community, particularly children. The SOS Children’s Village shelter is a prime example of this fruitful collaboration, which Andrey Dashin has personally overseen since the foundation’s inception in 2019. The shelter is a loving home for children without parental care; it supports children, young people, and families in vulnerable situations by providing them with advocacy and appropriate care.

On May 3, a press conference honoured the foundation’s 5th anniversary. During the meeting, Andrey Dashin announced plans to open another shelter for needy children. The new shelter will be built in the small town of Rose Belle, situated on the southern coast of Mauritius. The Lions Club Port Louis Doyen and Rose Belle Sugar Estate will also participate in the project alongside the foundation. Andrey Dashin highlighted in his speech that the foundation’s projects aim to achieve three primary objectives:

– Providing support to children who face challenging life situations and offering them a chance for a better future

– Assisting children in overcoming psychological and emotional trauma by providing them with professional and necessary help

– Improving family access to individual and group counselling

On May 5th, the foundation celebrated its anniversary by organizing a joyous event for children. The foundation invited kids from two shelters to Domaine La Grave Park, where various entertaining activities were arranged for them. A total of 40 children had a great time fishing, kayaking, and competing in archery and orienteering games. After all the excitement, the children were served lunch and ice cream. The event received support from the Lions Club Port Louis Doyen and Exinity employees, who helped to serve lunch to the children.

Children are the most vulnerable members of society, and they cannot defend their rights or provide for themselves without the support and help of adults. It is irrelevant where or under what circumstances a child is born. We, as adults, must demonstrate through our actions that every child deserves protection, care, and love, regardless of their situation. And that even in the most challenging circumstances, there are people willing to support them and lend a hand.