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An important milestone at the Dashin Foundation Youth Race

It was both an honour and a profound privilege to sponsor the OPAP Limassol Marathon Youth Race for the seventh time. Each year, our connection to this event deepens, mirroring the experiences of our young athletes. This sporting event is a celebration of not just athleticism and competition but the indomitable spirit of our youth. 

Over 1,000 enthusiastic young athletes participated, showcasing immense spirit and determination. This year, the Andrey & Julia Dashin Foundation brought an uplifting wave of change to the streets of Limassol with the Dashin Foundation Youth Race, transmitting powerful messages that challenged societal labels. It boldly proclaimed inclusivity and empowerment—a testament to the belief in seeing beyond the perceptible, focusing on possibilities rather than limitations.

The T-shirts worn by the young athletes displayed words like “DIS-ABILITY”, “IM-POSSIBLE”, “IN-CAPABLE”, “UN-ABLE”, and “IN-EQUALITY”, with their negative prefixes strikingly crossed out. These visual statements powerfully affirmed our belief that challenges pave the way to undiscovered opportunities; within every impossibility lies potential; amidst inequality, equality can be found, and those deemed incapable are, in fact, capable. By highlighting the positive essence of these words, Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation supports a perspective that looks beyond limitations, celebrating the potential of every child when focusing on their strengths.

The race celebrated youth and unity and marked a decade of the Andrey & Julia Dashin Foundation’s philanthropic journey in Cyprus and its dedication to fostering a world where every child feels valued, included, and empowered to pursue their dreams, regardless of their abilities. Our involvement in the Youth Race underscores our belief in sports as a powerful vehicle for inclusion, personal growth, and societal transformation.

Let us continue to strive together, not just on track, but in every endeavour that seeks to uplift, include, and empower.