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38 years old

This year I celebrated my birthday in Moscow. On July 12 more than 30 people – mainly my friends and colleagues from the Alpari offices in Moscow and Kazan – gathered at the Chester Ferry restaurant complex on Rublyovskoye Highway in a picturesque area just outside of Moscow.

The open-air restaurant complex is an elegant oasis of comfort and luxury built in a medieval style reminiscent of the city of Chester in England. It is an ideal location to get in touch with nature in a festive and cozy setting.

It was a pleasant evening, with live music and toasts from friends as well as a vibrant Brazilian dance show that delighted everyone at the party. We all had a great time. We danced and took part in a number of competitions led by our host. The relaxed atmosphere and merriment lasted through the entire evening.

I was really happy to have the chance to share the evening with my wife and co-workers. My birthday turned out really well.