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Alpari Celebrates Its 15 Year Anniversary

This December marked the 15 year anniversary of Alpari. Over this time, the company has made remarkable progress and has taken a leading position on the Russian and international markets. Recently, my colleagues and I gathered in Kazan, the birthplace of the company, to celebrate this anniversary.

I was very pleased to see the Russian and CIS Alpari team, of more than 300 employees, in a festive atmosphere. I would like to personally thank everyone for their contribution to our overall success, and their highest professionalism and dedication to the company.

Alpari awarded its best employees with diplomas, gold badges and trophies, highlighting those who have been working with the company for more than 10 years. My colleagues also noted my contribution to Alpari through the award of a diploma, “For unrivaled leadership, long term effective management and the highest business competence”.

Fireworks, performances, fun competitions and wild dancing followed the official ceremony. The holiday was a colourful and memorable occasion, worthy of our important anniversary.