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FXTM Brings Russian Ballet Stars to Cyprus

My company FXTM recently sponsored 2 shows of the renowned St. Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theater of Boris Eifman in Limassol, Cyprus. For 2 days, Russian ballet took over the stage of the Limassol Garden Theater with performances of Eifman’s “Red Giselle”. The ballet’s unusually expressive choreography, its imaginative direction and its magnificent scenery have created fans in dozens of countries around the world and kept the show in production for 17 years.

Before the performance, the mayor of Limassol, Andreas Christou, addressed the crowd. He expressed his gratitude for the financial support, pointing out how nice it is to see that art and culture remain in high demand in Cyprus in spite of the country’s recent economic turmoil and financial problems.

The staunch support that Cyprus has shown for Russian ballet leaves no doubt that the Russian choreographer’s troop remains among the most popular in the world. For me it is very important to support the humanities and to promote the exchange of culture between Cyprus and Russia. Without the aid of culture – perhaps man’s greatest achievement – neither government nor business stands a chance of getting us through economic and spiritual crises.