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Alpari Confirmed as the Leader of the Forex Market in Russia

At the end of January, Interfax CEA published the results of its study of Forex brokers in Russia. I was pleased to see that Alpari’s position in the ratings has not changed in the past three years, and that the company was named as the largest Forex broker in Russia with a significant distance separating the company from its competitors.

I think such research is very important in improving the transparency of the Forex market in Russia, bringing the country closer to the high standards of international markets.

It is important to note that Alpari already has a tradition of disclosing its operational figures. Our success and openness is increasingly being noticed by the leading business and socio-political media in Russia and the CIS. A press conference was held at the end of January in Moscow by the senior management of Alpari’s Russian office. Over 20 leading Russian journalists, amongst them representatives from the leading federal television channels, were able to personally look through our 2013 financial results and learn about our plans for the future. I trust that our actions can provide an example for other market participants.