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Vestnik Kipra Article – Assistance to the Children’s Shelter Limassol

The season of holy Easter breathes in new hopes and awakens initiative  and desire to help and care for our follow neighbors.  A neighbor is not only our relative or friend, but also someone who is in need of support. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how close someone’s heartbeat may be, dreaming of a miracle this Easter.

In Limassol, close to St. Nicholas Church, there is the government Children’s Shelter Limassol. The shelter was established under the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and is run under the auspices of the Director of the Office of Family and Child Welfare of the District of Limassol. Currently the shelter offers home to 10 children from 2 to 13 years of age, and numbers constantly change… depending on the family welfare of every child, who has been rescued by devoted state social work members. The Children’s Shelter has become a temporary refuge for those children, with round the clock care, a healthy diet, full medical care, school and pre-school education, as well as many other extracurricular activities. The children are very well looked after, and they seem like a big and strong family, which is indeed so! But despite the efforts of the state to ensure a healthy childhood, there is often lack of funds still. Clothing, shoes, stationery – are all direct costs of the shelter which have to be relied upon from donations and sponsorships.


Thanks to the information provided by the publishing house “Vestnik Kipra”, the Founders of the charitable foundation «Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation» were able to render some assistance to the Children’s Shelter Limassol. In light of Easter celebrations, the fund congratulated the shelter and presented gift vouchers for an amount of 1,800 Euro, for clothing and footwear from various stores, as was advised to them by the Director of the Children’s Shelter, Ms. Nitsa Tsangari . The founders hope that this modest step forward to assist a neighbor in need shall serve as an excellent role model for the rest of our fellow citizens to follow, who may as well not have heard about this institution before.
Following the recommendations of the Director of the Office of Family and Child Welfare, «Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation» was also able to help a family in Limassol meet the holy season with lighter burden at heart, by donation of vouchers for clothing and footwear, petrol vouchers for a period of 6 months and covering small household expenses. The Foundation hopes that in the future it will continue close cooperation with the office of Social Welfare and will be able to help more families in need during this difficult time.