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Alpari is Embarking on a Global Expansion of its Business, 06.02.2015

Alpari’s chairman of the board of directors, Andrey Dashin has completed a deal to acquire Alpari (UK)’s intellectual property. This, amongst other things, includes the Alpari trade marks and domain names and encompasses more than 60 countries.

These countries include all European Union countries, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

As a result of a sharp change in the Swiss Franc rate in the middle of January caused by decisions made by the Swiss National Bank, Alpari (UK) suffered significant financial losses and the company’s management were forced to take the decision to place the company under the administration of a third party in preparation for its closure. UK Forex market regulation, in recent years considered uncompetitive in nature, only served to force Alpari into the global reorganization of the brand’s working principles throughout the world.

Earlier, Andrey Dashin highlighted that the closing of Alpari (UK) is opening new horizons for the international development of other companies under the Alpari brand name, which currently serve CIS and Russian clients and have in no way suffered as a result of the UK company closing.

“The acquisition of Alpari (UK)’s intellectual property portfolio has become one of the first practical steps in realizing Alpari’s plan for global expansion. It has a strategic significance and is opening a new chapter for the development of the brand which works with Russian and CIS clients. Today, the most effective and professional Alpari team has been given the go-ahead to develop internationally. Our first target is to make headways in the promising Asian and Middle Eastern markets,” said Andrey Dashin.

At the end of January, Alpari bosses made another practical move by visiting Hong Kong, where they met with the licensing body of the financial market there, Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). “Asia is the most rapidly growing and promising market. As a result of Alpari top management’s trip to Hong Kong, we took the decision to start preparing documents in order to receive the necessary licensing,” Andrey Dashin commented on the visit.