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The “Frozen – Sing Along” Charity Movie Screening welcomed over 300 families!

On Sunday, 25th of January, the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation invited over 400 families from Limassol and Nicosia for a special charity screening of the popular Disney animated film; “Frozen – Sing Along”!

IMG_1011In cooperation with the Limassol and Nicosia Social Welfare Department, the Foundation was able to offer free tickets for the cinema event to families in need and give the children a chance to close their Christmas and New Year season with a small pleasant surprise. The Social Welfare Dept. helped to distribute the tickets to children from families in their database, who would benefit the most from the charity event. Every ticket offered free entrance to a child and one adult, and included one voucher for a free pop-corn box with a soft-drink or juice for the child, to make the cinema experience as fulfilling as possible.

The idea to offer a free movie screening to children from poor, underprivileged or needful families came up when the new version of the all-beloved animation came out, but, even though it was already at peak popularity, not many children had seen the film and especially on the big screen. It is sad to think that many families simply cannot afford to take their children to the movies. Therefore, the Foundation decided to grant this opportunity by offering a special movie screening at the K Cineplex cinemas in Limassol and Nicosia, screen 1 and screen 2, of which each can hold up to 300 persons.


IMG_1056The event was a blast! From 14:30 the cinemas both in Limassol and Nicosia started to fill up with happy children. Some came with parents and some with their supervisors. By 15:00 there was 100% attendance and the show was about to begin. Every child got their yearned pop-corn and drink package and went into the cinema halls to find their seat and enjoy the movie experience. Whilst the children enjoyed the show, the Foundation’s loyal volunteers had secretly prepared balloons to be given out to all the children as a surprise once they came out from the dark movie halls.

Overall, more than 150 children from both cities benefited from the event! The Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation thanks Anastasia, Georgiana, Liza, Christallis, Evangelia and all the volunteers for helping at the event, with a special thanks to K-Cineplex theatres for their support throughout!