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Turning 41

My birthday celebrations took place at the Imperial Park Hotel in the outskirts of Moscow. The beautiful nature and picturesque ponds in the surrounding grand pine forest gave an extra special atmosphere to this celebratory event.

My family, close friends and colleagues from Russia and Cyprus came to share this special day with me. In recent times it has become a rarity that we all manage to meet together, and I was delighted to see them all, especially on my birthday.

From the very beginning the guests took to the occasion without hesitation: taking part in the feast, contests, fishing, karaoke and dancing. Joy and the sense of coming together filled the room. The splendid show was accompanied by performances from cover bands who really got our feet tapping, an enchanting ballet show and a witty maestro.

I was truly delighted to share this occasion with my spouse and children, friends and colleagues. The celebrations were a complete success!