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Alpari launches new Global Headquarters in Mauritius

When we first formed the Alpari brand, almost 19 years ago, we had no idea that it would grow into the forex goliath it is today. That’s why the opening of our new global headquarters in the Republic of Mauritius is a monumental milestone, one that reflects the overall growth of the company and how far we have come.

This launch took place on the 25th of October and is a testament of the hard work we’ve put into the company’s growth over the years, resulting in the ongoing expansion of Alpari’s clientele and its reach across numerous countries around the world.

The new Alpari offices are situated in the business capital of Mauritius, Ebene, and housed under one of the city’s largest business centres, the Maeva Tower.

The idea behind opening new global offices, and the cooperation between Alpari and the Republic of Mauritius, began in 2013, shortly after Alpari received its licence in Mauritius. Discussions between Alpari’s higher management and the local government officials, notably the country’s Attorney General, Mr. Ravi Yerrigadoo, and the Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Prakash Maunthrooa – have been underway for a while and ended on a very positive note.

This development marks a new chapter for Alpari and presents the perfect way to close out the year 2016 – which I believe will have exceeded our great $1 trillion turnover for 2015 – and begin planning our future developments for 2017.

The Republic of Mauritius provides the ideal environment for our offices to thrive in, not only because it holds a strategic position between the South of Africa and the Indian Ocean, but also because it works under a progressive legal system and beneficial market traditions. This will help in opening up new horizons for the brand and further developing the name Alpari in the international forex industry.