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Alpari Again Confirms its Status as Undisputed Leader in Russia

At the end of March, the informational agency Interfax published the results of its latest yearly Forex market-wide research and rating of companies in the industry.

I am delighted to see that Alpari is the leading Russian Forex broker for the fifth year in a row and ahead of its competitors by a significant margin. According to the research, my company today controls 30% of the Russian market for Forex broker services.

In such a difficult economic climate, compounded by growth in competition, to stay on the top is no easy feat. For these reasons, such high results in the rating are especially pleasant and of great prize to me. Our consistent leadership serves to prove that Alpari is always working proactively and never stands still.

In my view, the research poll for the Russian Forex broker market today has a special meaning in terms of increasing transparency in the activities of those that took part. Leading business media outlets in Russia have extensively put the spotlight on the results of the research, along with the brokers’ current tasks in regards to market regulation, and the process of perfecting the legal environment for the industry as a whole.