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Alpari Charitable Fund Aids in the Future Development of the Republic of Tatarstan

They say that home is where the heart is and my heart will forever be tied to my home-city of Tatarstan. When we sat down and created the Alpari Charitable Fund, one of its major tasks was to aid in the development of this very important place.

In March 2016, representatives of various charities participated in a meeting Mayor Ilsur Metshin, and discussed how to engage more and more locals with the ongoing development projects. The Alpari Charitable Fund participated as one of the 13 organisations called to meet and discuss the implementation of the ‘Kind City’ concept, a five-year plan whose goal is to make Tatarstan a comfortable place to live, developing the children’s learning skills and their engagement in charitable activities. Following further discussions with the charity representatives’ implementations of ‘Kind City’ successfully began and a citywide day of charity will be held on September 5th, in the beautiful capital of Tatarstan, Kazan.

Our hard work and dedication towards giving more opportunities and creating more room for the community of Tatarstan to grow, was recently recognized in the Financial Elite of Russia 2016 awards were the fund was awarded in the ‘Regional Charity Foundation’ category. An honour that not only gives us the motivation to continue working hard in helping this great place reach its full potential, but inspires us to find more ways in which we can benefit and support the people of Tatarstan.