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Christmas “Utrennik” with Vestnik Kipra

The Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation is always close to the Russian Community in Cyprus and especially to its children. This year has also been quite special for a lot of small children across the island since we have helped Vestnik Kipra organize many magical Christmas parties.

More than 1,100 Russian-speaking children from Cyprus attended these parties. The Kostroma Theatre actors made the day fun and festive with fancy costumes and theatrical acts. Ded Moroz, the Russian Father Christmas showed up with sweet gifts making the whole experience a lot more magical and mesmerizing.

This is what some of the children and parents had to say to VK:

Vladimir with his children Peter and Anysiya
“Last year we attended the performance for the first time with just our son and we liked it a lot. This year we came with our daughter. Everything was incredible! Funny and interactive but also very professional…an amazing road tour of the Kostroma Theatre.”

Inga and Mark
“I like the sweet-voiced and beautifully dressed actors. My child was impressed by the performance with its nice plot and excellent staging. Should you wish to arrange it for next year, I will come for sure!”

Nina with her children Gavryil and Maria
“Great event management, good plot, we are going to come again! I’m thrilled, took many pictures and the children are happy.”

Dina with children Veronika, Christina and Vasya
“I enjoyed it a lot, it was incredible and funny. This is the third time we’ve been coming and each time the performance is getting more exciting! We will keep on attending your events!”

Olga and Eva
“We liked it a lot. The child had fun, colorful spectacle, great costumes. The most important thing is that the children are happy. We will come again!”