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Alpari Charitable Fund Attended the “Community” Forum

On the 24th and 25th of April, employees of the Alpari Charitable Fund attended the “Community Forum” organized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. More than a thousand participants from all regions of the Volga Federal District visited this two day event with an aim to determine the status of the non-profit sector in the regions, discuss issues in the NGOs’ work and support the best practices.

The “Community Forum” didn’t just bring a large number of participants from across the country to discuss how to improve people’s lives, but also provided an opportunity for all ideas and projects to be evaluated by the experts and business representatives of the “Acceleration of Inter-Sectorial Cooperation” site. Thus, the initiators of the social projects would be able to present their ideas to potential investors – government and business representatives.

The Alpari Charitable Fund focused on its work for children with the following projects being noted in the “Community Forum”:

  1. Career-oriented guided tours for orphans.
  2. Charity initiative “Together we can do more”, which promotes voluntarism.
  3. Charity initiative “My Garden”, that teaches orphans to take care of others by taking care of plants.
  4. Project “Special Food for Special Children”, which helps with provision of special food to children with health problems.

The Alpari Charitable Fund is my first fund and was established in my hometown Tatarstan, Kazan, which is why I am especially proud of its achievements. For over a decade now, we have substantially helped and improved the living conditions of locals, and, more significantly, its children who didn’t have equal access to opportunities and were living below poverty lines.