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FXTM Nigeria Spreads Christmas Joy at Local Orphanage

On the 23rd of December, the team of FXTM Nigeria decided to spread the Christmas spirit to the local underprivileged children of the Little Saint Orphanage. The team collected and donated a large array of food supplies, educational material and other key necessities.

During the visit, FXTM Nigeria’s Office Director, Abiola Akinyele, met with the orphanage’s founder, Rev. Mrs. Dele George and trustee Mrs. Meyen Famous and was given a tour of the orphanage. Mr. Abiola was introduced to the day-to-day functions of the orphanage and discussed its mission of sheltering, caring and helping rehabilitate and care young children and babies, as well as the overall work this organisation does for the Nigerian community.

Seeing this simple act of giving, makes me really happy and proud for the company and community FXTM has grown to. I have always said that children represent our future, and it’s our mission to ensure that they are equipped with the best tools and opportunities to make the most out of their future and pave the way for the next generations to come.