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Alpari Charitable Fund presents half year results for 2017

The Alpari Charitable Fund recently revealed the results for the first half of 2017. The scope of work for the first half of this year grew twice as much in comparison to last year’s, with total aid amounting to more than 8 million rubles.

The Alpari Charitable Fund organized and held 61 events for more than 2,600 guests, among them orphans, kids from children’s homes and children with serious illnesses. 99 Fund recipients received targeted assistance in treatment, rehabilitation and purchase of medicine. The Fund has also provided support to 19 social institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan.

I have always highlighted the importance of charitable activities. It plays a significant role in our society. I’m very happy to see that Alpari Charitable Fund not only helps those in need but also creates the basis for the development of volunteering, encouraging young people to willingly extend a helping hand to those in need.