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Back to School campaign continues with a big contribution to the ISSB

On the second of September, Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation attended a Fundraising Gala organised by philanthropist and businessman, Mr. Gaies Khrais, in support of higher education.

The Foundation donated 20,000 euro to the First Lady’s Independent Social Support Body (ISSB), an organisation that helps finance the university studies of unprivileged students. The initiative is part of the foundation’s “Back to School” campaign for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The first Lady of Cyprus, Mrs. Adnri Anastasiade, praised Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation for its important work in Cyprus throughout the years and awarded the founders with an award as a symbol of gratitude and praise for their overall contribution to the ISSB.

The Founders were there to receive the award, thanking the First Lady and the host and reminding the guests of the importance in doing the best we can to help support the dreams of young adults wishing to further their studies. In her speech Mrs.Dashina said:

“The foundation my husband and I built has been a loyal supporter of the Independent Social Support Body for three years now and we are extremely happy to be in a position to do so. Our entire philosophy is based around giving and creating opportunities for anyone in need and we are extremely proud of the contributions we made to the Cypriot community, especially to the younger generation. This recognition and this award are proof of the diligent work and effort everyone at the foundation has put in to make a change on our beautiful island.”

Having already donated a big amount of vouchers and school bags with stationary to rural schools across Cyprus, the foundation aims to continue helping university students in need through its support of the ISSB.