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‘Let’s Do it Cyprus’ Campaign Ends in a Triumph

On the 2nd of April, the biggest cleaning movement in Cyprus, took place across the island. More than 35,516 volunteers gathered in 563 different stations in order to clean Cyprus’ damns, parks, forests, villages and cities.

The Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation was happy to be part of this grand campaign as a platinum sponsor, giving out eco-friendly bags to all volunteers and supporting the local NGO, ‘Together Cyprus’, with the Cyprus Environment Commissioner, Mrs. Ioanna Panagiotu, and the Commissioner of Volunteerism, Mr. Giannis Giannakis. At 10 o’ clock in the morning, the mayor of Nicosia, Mr. Constantinos Yorkadjis, along with the Undersecretary of the President Mr. Constantinos Petridis, the president of the island’s Green Party, Mr. Giorgos Perdikis, and other local MPS gathered at the Linear Park of Nicosia , next to the Presidential Mansion, in order to commemorate the campaign and support the cause.

The park was filled with children, teenagers and their families, the campaign organizers, police officers and state officials who all rolled up their sleeves, put on gloves and picked up litter and garbage from the roads. It is important to note that for the first time in its five years in Cyprus, the global campaign, managed to organize and coordinate 563 groups of people including individual initiatives, partners, companies, NGOs, the National Army, the Cyprus Police, and other sectors. It was also the first time that many Educational Institutions from all sectors were involved, teaching students of all ages the significance of keeping the environment clean.

The Ambassador of the Campaign was the beloved TV presenter, Christiana Aristotelous, whereas other popular celebrities and athletes including formula 1 driver Tio Ellina, national football star, Charalambos Kyriakou, and standup comedian, Louis Patsalides, proudly advocated for the movement in the days leading up to the 2nd of April.

Last but not least, the organizational team of ‘Together Cyprus’ thanked the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation for its generous sponsorship and support to the cause wishing for a “clean Cyprus with an established environmental consciousness and for a society where love and the act of giving are a given”.