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Αndrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation supports Cypriot domestic violence charity

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation is proud to announce its contribution to the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family, also known as SPAVO.

The initiative began when a member of the public approached the Foundation with a wish to help abused women and children. The founders, Andrey and Julia Dashin, were touched by this request and decided to personally donate the sum of 1,000 euro along with 110 gift vouchers, worth 20 euro each, for the shelters operating under SPAVO, across the island.

SPAVO, founded in 1990, is the official liaison between the state bodies of Cyprus (including the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance and the Cyprus Police) and victims of domestic violence.  Their vision is to provide preventive and handling services of domestic violence with the establishment of national helpline 1440 and the introduction of educational seminars as well as supportive and therapentical programmes to protect and guide the people involved in violent situations.

In addition, SPAVO undertook the responsibility of tracking shortcomings and weaknesses in legislation. The organisation then submits suggestions in order to undertake correctional measures and develop a wider policy of domestic violence.

Julia Dashina stated that: “It’s our honour to be able to provide direct help to the women, men and children experiencing domestic violence. Our contribution aims to improve their conditions and organisations like SPAVO, give us the strength and courage we need to continue our work in Cyprus fervently and passionately”.

Demos Ioannou, Director of SPAVO, commented on the Foundation’s donation saying: “We extend our warmest gratitude for your support in our vision and for assisting all our supporting programmes and actions, indeed. Thank you for becoming part of our journey”.