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Supporting the Cyprus Red Cross Blood Donation Scheme

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Blood Donation Scheme in cooperation with the Cyprus Red Cross Limassol Branch, which started on 16 October at Lanitio lyceum.

In 1969 the Limassol Branch was the first in Cyprus who organised voluntary blood donations, with the pioneering assistance of Dr. Michalis Psiloinis. Such blood donations continue until now, at local colleges, lyceums and universities (25 in total) in Limassol. Almost 3000 bags of blood are offered yearly to the Limassol General Hospital.

Founder Andrey Dashin stated:

“Blood donation is a safe, simple, and rewarding experience that usually takes around 40-45 minutes. Every day one donor’s blood saves dozens of lives of seriously ill patients. We have been supporting various initiatives of the Cyprus Red Cross for many years. It’s a pleasure for us to assist Limassol Branch for this vital cause that encourages young people to donate blood. The Cyprus Red Cross is an amazing NGO that puts so much efforts for those in need across the island, and we would like to wish all the Red Cross team good luck and prosperity!”

Red Cross Limassol Branch President, Mrs. Niki Hadjitsangari added to this collaboration:

“It is with great pleasure and appreciation that we, at Red Cross Limassol, have received a sponsorship regarding our Blood Donation Scheme from Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation, who are helping us and are kindly covering the expenses for beverages, snacks and small gifts for our blood donors for a year. We hope that this cooperation will continue for the years to come.”

The Limassol Branch of the Cyprus Red Cross Society (C.R.C.S.) was founded in 1950. Its first President was Mrs Lella Cacoyianni. She was succeeded by Amarandi Shitta, Ino Zachariades, Evangelitsa Marcoulli, Stathoula Sykopetriti and Niki Hadjitsangari. The Limassol Branch has been very active all these years. Since 2012, the Branch is housed at its own premises situated at 119 Ayias Phylaxeos street, offering foodstuffs, clothing and footwear items, baby food, toys, and above all, much needed moral support and love.