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Andrey Dashin and Exinity employees visited SOS Children’s Village in Mauritius

“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.” These are the words of Mark Twain. The ancient Egyptians believed that two questions were asked before the gates of paradise: have you found joy in life, and whether your life brought joy to others. Heaven, however, is not a place on a map but a feeling of being a part of something greater. As the Bible says, “Charity, like paradise, is full of blessings.”

On Saturday, April 1, 2023, a charity visit was held in the Republic of Mauritius, an island of breathtaking beauty. Andrey Dashin, Exinity employees and Lions Club Port Louis Doyen representatives visited the SOS Children’s Village shelter he has cared for since the Foundation’s inception in 2019. SOS Children’s Village is a cosy home for children without parental care; it supports children, young people, and families in vulnerable situations by providing them with advocacy and appropriate care.

The event was held in the bright Mauritian sunshine in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Clothing vouchers were handed out to all children. In turn, Andrey Dashin and Exinity branch director Pravesh Lolljee were presented with commemorative mugs with dedicatory inscriptions.

After the official part, children and guests were offered lunch. Exinity members helped distribute the meals, joining the general merriment and lively conversations.

A donation was made for the girls of the Mgr Leen orphanage to install an aquaponics system, a high-tech and safe artificial ecosystem for growing vegetables (about 180 bushes) and fish.

Mauritius is a country where different world religions are harmoniously intertwined, existing in a spirit of respect and reverence for tradition. No matter the growing list of good deeds done by our Foundation and its geography, we are guided by two principles: the reward of a good deed is in the act of doing it, and the true meaning of charity is to eliminate the cause of it.