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Library corner for the pediatric oncology department

Few people know that February 14 is not just Valentine’s Day but also International Book Giving Day, and the 15th is International Childhood Cancer Day. You don’t need a reason to love or an incentive to show care, and children deserve our attention any day of the week, any month of the year.

Сurrently, 13 children aged 1.5–18 are patients of the pediatric oncology department at the Makario Children’s Hospital. We have decided to emphasize these dates and show our care and support to the little heroes. In their honour, we initiated to assemble a library corner at the pediatric oncology department and invited Exinity employees to contribute by donating books. With loving care, books we read with rapture to our children were signed with support and empowerment.

In addition, on February 10, as part of our “Journalists of the Future” program, during a workshop, Germasogeia Elementary School students prepared numerous artworks, a selection of which was used to create two shirt designs with encouraging quotes: “be yourself”, “keep walking, don’t stop”, “be spontaneous, be different, be unique”. The shirts were hung next to the bookshelf to complement the library corner.

On February 16, with Angela Chalkiopoulou, we were delighted to deliver the books to the pediatric oncology department at the hospital. Combined with presents, Positive Thinking diaries and awesome, custom-made shirts our program students had designed, they made a superb package of joy.

We want to believe that each book, like a note in a bottle tossed into the ocean, will help the little heroes they are intended to endure difficult times. And this collective gesture will give these children hope and strength, uplift them, and surround them with the warmth of our hearts.