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Dashin’s Foundation supported over 200 families on Easter

Easter is a pure and bright holiday that calls us to do acts of kindness, be generous to those around us, forgive wrongs, and believe in the triumph of life over death and good over evil. It is a time of joy and love, and this love should be shown through actions: by helping those in need.

Following a good tradition, the Andrey and Julia Dashin Foundation and other non-governmental organizations carried out a series of charity events and activities as part of the Easter campaign.

On April 8 and 9, the Easter festival for refugee children was organized by volunteers in Paphos. The Foundation supported the event and provided snacks, refreshments, and chocolate gift packs for the young participants.

Every year on Easter, Kato Polemidia Municipality hosts a celebratory festival for families of its district. This year, the Foundation sponsored the festival and provided monetary assistance in purchasing food and vouchers for the Easter food baskets. Exinity employees collected Easter sweets for families with children living in the area.

Earlier, the Foundation donated 35 computer monitors to the local school.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Foundation, over 200 families, of which more than 300 children, were supported in collaboration with the Cradle of Hope volunteers, Paphos volunteers, Helping Hearts, and Friendship Circle organizations during the Easter campaign.

The Resurrection of Christ has always been a symbol of hope and faith. The Easter days are filled with triumph and the light of Christian love. This holiday once again invites us to reflect on the meaning of life and the lofty mission of man. It is a time of sincere prayer, good deeds, and merciful acts. So, let’s practice the call to do good and support the defenceless and all those in need.

Happy Easter to you all!