Dashin Andrey

I am Andrey Dashin, founder of Exinity Group, which encompasses the other brokerage brands I founded, FXTM and Alpari International. Next to my finance brands, I also founded the Alpari Charitable Fund and Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation.

I strongly believe that success comes from hard work and the ability to draw from life experiences to achieve goals. My philosophy is that character is built upon the molding of one’s personality on a daily basis and that we are all works of progress.

Dear Friends!

Since it is important to be completely open to the world, I am pleased to welcome you to my personal website. Here you will find information related to my companies, as well as my hobbies and life in general.

I am sure that you appreciate self-improvement as much as I do. Please allow me to commend those who continuously develop themselves to be the best they can be, and show support to anyone who chooses a positive path for their lives.

Andrey Dashin

Dashin Andrey
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