Dashin Andrey

I am Andrey Dashin, the founder of the Exinity fintech group, which comprises renowned brands like Exinity, FXTM, and Alpari International. Apart from the financial brands, I have also established the Andrey and Julia Dashin Foundation and support the Russian charitable fund Alpari.

I strongly believe that success comes from hard work and the ability to draw from life experiences to achieve goals. My philosophy is that character is built upon the molding of one’s personality on a daily basis and that we are all works of progress.

Dear Friends!

With great pleasure, I welcome you to my personal website, where you can find information regarding my business ventures, hobbies, and life.

I firmly believe in self-improvement, and I admire those who strive to be the best version of themselves. Let’s support each other on our positive paths and inspire one another to achieve greatness.

Andrey Dashin

Dashin Andrey
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