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Dear Friends!

Since it is important to be completely open to the world, I am pleased to welcome you to my personal website. Here you will find information related to my companies, as well as my hobbies and life in general.

I am sure that you appreciate self-improvement as much as I do. Please allow me to commend those who continuously develop themselves to be the best they can be, and show support to anyone who chooses a positive path for their lives.

Andrey Dashin

  • FXTM’s Townhall Unplugged
    On 29 July, on the sales floor in FXTM Tower, Limassol, the Townhall Unplugged edition was held for the first time. Everyone in the Cyprus office were able to experience Townhall live. For all the...
  • My 44th Birthday Celebration
    On July 10, at the Yacht Club restaurant in Limassol, I celebrated my 44th birthday with family, friends and colleagues. It was a friendly evening with a delicious...
  • ‘The Big Wave’ – FXTM’s New Series of Exciting Events in South Africa
    After the success of the Long Swim made by endurance swimmer, UN Patron of the Oceans and our brand ambassador, Lewis Pugh, FXTM took on an exciting new series of educational events in South...
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