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“Random Acts of Kindness Day”

How often do you help people — be it a kind word or act, or even just a friendly smile to a stranger? If you need a special occasion for this, then today’s the day!

Every year on February 17th, charities around the world celebrate “Random Acts of Kindness Day”. The main purpose of this day is to try to be kind to everyone, infinitely and unselfishly.

No need to wait for gratitude, praise, or reciprocal kindness — just give. And we aren’t just referring to material things. After all, the most valuable thing that we can offer to ourselves and others is love and attention. This is what we live for.

Even though we do not need a special occasion to help others, the Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation could not remain indifferent to this wonderful holiday and so provided financial support to charity organization Friendship Circle Cyprus — who give food to needy families — as part of their monthly campaign.

Exinity employees also participated in the celebration and joined forces to collect funds for families in desperate need of support during these difficult times — many of whom have young children, some with special needs. In addition, toys, clothes, and sweets were presented.