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Exinity and The Dashin’s Foundation took part in the largest environmental campaign – “Let’s Do It! Cyprus 2021”

We have a choice about what our street, city, country, and planet will look like!

For the second year in a row, Exinity employees took part in the largest national clean-up campaign and biggest environmental volunteering action across the island – Let’s Do It! Cyprus, which was co-sponsored by the Dashin’s Foundation. The Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation has been actively supporting this volunteer movement for many years, while the Dashin’s family personally takes part in trash collection along with thousands of volunteers across the island.

This year’s cleaning campaign ran for a week from 25 to 31 October, organized by the Volunteer Network Together Cyprus in collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner of the Environment under the motto #IT’S IN YOUR HANDS. The aim of the campaign was to raise public awareness on issues related to the protection, conservation, and sustainable management of the terrestrial and marine environment. Let’s Do It! Cyprus is part of  Let’s Do It! World and World Cleanup Day, two global campaigns aimed at cleaning the natural areas of the world of garbage. It is perhaps the largest volunteer program ever organized in the world.

Let’s Do It! Cyprus has been active in Cyprus since 2012, counting over 165 thousand volunteers, and freeing Cyprus from hundreds of tons of garbage, with every year growing in scale and attracting an increasing number of participants. Hence the value of the volunteer movement must be recognized. In fact, there are much more people concerned about the climate crisis, the biological diversity of ecosystems, clean water, and the preservation of trees than we think! Incredible joy and pride are felt when you see the colossal work people have united for with all their hearts and dedication.

This year was no exception and on Sunday, 31 October, we collected an incredible 65 bags of trash as our contribution. Our founders Mr. Andrey and Mrs. Julia Dashin focused their efforts on cleaning trash from the residential Kato Polemidia neighborhood around the office, while Exinity GCEO Mrs. Olga Rybalkina worked alongside Exinity employees, concentrating their forces on nearby areas. The vast majority of participants came with their entire families. It was a true honor and pleasure to join thousands of volunteers nationwide to rid our island of trash and clean our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets, demonstrating with our own example that #WeCare about our home – planet Earth! It’s a true joy seeing the beauty of nature without unnecessary impurities created and abandoned by mankind, enjoying the island in its purity.

Our founder Andrey Dashin emphasized: “I have been personally involved multiple times, and am always glad to do so – it’s an inspiring social movement of incredible environmental and civic activism. A clean environment is vital for healthy living, which is why my wife and I were very enthusiastic to join the volunteers. I strongly believe we should respect nature, provide rational use of natural resources, and evaluate each of our actions with regards to the effect it causes to the area where we live”.