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The Dashin’s Foundation and Exinity employees aid children with health problems

Exinity employees do not remain indifferent to families in need and regularly raise money for those who find themselves in a desperate situation, tackling children’s health problems and providing support to continue their mission.

One of these children is three-year-old Georgios who has had a challenging journey so far. The boy was born with Down syndrome and underwent two surgeries during the first four months of his life, after which he could not sit, stand, or walk on his own, despite his mother’s determination to get him on his feet by all means possible.

The Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation did not stand idly and as part of the 2020-2021 Christmas and New Year campaign provided the baby with special walkers that the boy’s mother could not afford. Georgios is already making considerable progress and there is a chance that in the future he may be able to walk on his own.

On a doctor’s recommendation, Georgios needed equestrian therapy to improve his health which the boy’s mother struggled to afford. Exinity staff came to the rescue with a substantial donation, and the Foundation doubled every donation made. This allowed the boy’s mother to pay all the debts for the treatment, as well as take a long course of the necessary therapy.

A similar story came about with Valentina, a four-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, and epilepsy. Her mother lost her job due to the coronavirus pandemic and could not secure a new job because she often had to undergo treatment with her daughter in the hospital. Her husband’s salary was barely enough to pay the apartment bills.

From the moment Valentina was diagnosed, her parents tried their best to keep their daughter’s rehabilitation going. Unfortunately, the costs for the procedures kept growing. The girl needed to undergo physical therapy, regularly visit an osteopath, wear special orthopedic shoes, and constantly take vitamins prescribed by a neurologist. Luckily, the employees and the Foundation did not leave the family in financial trouble and successfully raised money for the girl’s treatment.

The Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation is confident that such financial aid will not only help the little ones improve their health, and their parents relieve their burdens, but it also shows that there is a lot of kindness and support around.