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The Dashin’s Foundation – general sponsor of the international festival “Cultural Crossroads”

When it comes to musicians and artists in general, young talents often must walk a long and windy path before achieving recognition, fame, prosperity, and the opportunity to successfully engage in their favorite creative work without fear of tomorrow. It is especially challenging today when against the face of a crumbling economy, a global pandemic, and ongoing wars, people have less time to consume music.

But what if the fire inside an artist’s soul cannot be tamed, and their fingers reach for their imaginary bow, they press the invisible keys of the piano, longing to convey to the world everything that is about to be poured out from their hearts? Fortunately, some people are not indifferent to beauty and are ready to help young people who cannot imagine their life without music.

A noteworthy event in the music world took place in Limassol from July 3rd to July 10th this year under the patronage of Wolfgang Schroeder (Concertmaster of Cyprus Symphony Orchestra) alongside the best professors in Europe. The Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation was the main sponsor of the festival, which consisted of a week of intensive classes in violin, viola, cello, piano, and a series of concerts with the participation of both professors and students. Exinity employees were invited to attend the opening and closing concerts and enjoy this musical event. They left filled with magical emotions from an exciting performance from talented musicians.

This year’s event was especially notable because four girls from the organization Sistema Cyprus had the opportunity to participate in the event. Sistema Cyprus is a social-music orchestra and choir program established in 2018, offering music education to the children and young people of Cyprus, including migrants, refugees, children, and young people with fewer opportunities, and ensures that these groups are respected, recognized, and included in the society. The Foundation is proud to support such a renowned organization as Sistema Cyprus and was delighted to provide the opportunity for its participants to take private lessons from internationally renowned educators.

There is no doubt that classes from Wolfgang Schroeder, Paul Cortese, Christoph Declara, and Erich Oskar Huetter became a source of tremendous inspiration for these young students. Once again, it is clear: the world of art knows no boundaries, and music sounds equally as beautiful in all languages of the world. The main idea of this cultural event was to identify and promote new talents, regardless of their age, status, and nationality, and to improve cultural communication between representatives of different countries, even in the difficult conditions of a pandemic, and not stop developing individual artistic skills.

Wolfgang’s opening speech emphasized the importance of reaching and maintaining a partnership between the followers of classical music and modern societies: the perfection of art has no boundaries, and one conquered peak always follows a new one.

Cultural Crossroads – this is how the idea of the festival is presented. Such masterclasses should become the crossroads of various cultures of our civilization, reminding us about art, uniting like-minded people, and giving an impetus to the further development and improvement of the creation of art.