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The Dashin’s Foundation “Christmas Wish Campaign”

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give” (Khalil Gibran). This quote perfectly reflects the efforts of the foundation and the “Christmas Wish Campaign” which was aimed at providing children the gifts of their dreams, making Christmas Wishes come true.

Everyone knows that the most heartwarming and magical events happen at Christmas and New Year. Both children and adults are waiting for miracles. As in the past, this year we did not stand aside – when else can dreams come true, if not on these holidays? Only this time our foundation’s campaign was expanded.

For this Christmas, we have fulfilled the dreams of 79 children across the island by delivering long-awaited gifts such as computers, tablets, game consoles, mobile phones, bicycles, toys, and even a puppy. The Foundation also provided food vouchers for the festive table for 41 families in difficult life situations, low-income families, and single mothers. While the children received New Year’s sets of sweets.

The lucky participants of this year’s “Christmas Wish Campaign” were the Cradle of Hope Association wards, as well as children from the “To Alma” Child Development Center and students of special units at public schools, where we launched an innovative educational program with Little Odysseus this year.

It has become a good tradition that the foundation’s founders Andrey and Julia Dashin and their daughter Anfisa, personally participate in the campaign. This year, they were joined by the Exinity GCEO Olga Rybalkina and four directors with their families – spouses and children. The men dressed up as Santa Claus, the ladies as Mrs. Claus, and the children as elves. Together, they visited children’s homes in Limassol and Nicosia to present gifts and share the warmth of their hearts, restore faith in miracles and spread the joy of the upcoming holidays.

Simultaneously, representatives of the Cradle of Hope Association dressed as Santa Claus and The Snow Maiden, delivered gifts in other cities across the island.

“Children have a special place in our hearts, and no one is as excited for a Christmas miracle as they are. Among them, there are those who more than others need a fairy tale and magic. We were driven by a sincere desire to create a festive mood for children and their families, give them a sense of a Christmas miracle, the belief that there are caring people around, and bring comfort, and joy to their homes” – noted the founders of the foundation Andrey and Julia Dashin.

“It is an absolutely indescribable feeling when you become a wizard for a child. To see the spark of surprise in the eyes and how their whole face just beams with happiness. I am glad to have the opportunity to experience these emotions: make them believe in miracles, in the selflessness of people, in the fact that the world can be kind and bright, and on Christmas, dreams and the most cherished desires come true. I hope that our initiative will become a good tradition, and every year we will delight more and more children” – commented on her participation Exinity GCEO Olga Rybalkina.

“It was humbling to be a part of this initiative; to see and experience firsthand the joy and delight that children and parents alike experience when Santa and his helpers arrive to deliver presents. It is always wonderful to give and be charitable, but actually taking part, living the moment, and giving from deep within ourselves, created beautiful memories which will stay in our minds and in the minds of all the wonderful families we visited that day” – shared Exinity’s Chief Customer Relations Officer Lulwa Jundi.