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“Back to school” charity campaign

School is the first step for a child on the path to socialization. The educational process stimulates children’s curiosity and gives them the tools to develop rapidly. In the process of learning, children gain not only new knowledge that will help them grow as individuals in the future but also make new acquaintances that will make them full members of society, shaping their social behaviour, such as empathy, camaraderie, participation, and encouragement, vital traits in adulthood.

For every child, the start of a new school year is an exciting step into a new life. On September 7, high school students began their studies in public schools, shortly followed on September 12, when junior schools opened their doors to welcome their pupils. Unfortunately, not every family can equip their children for school, providing them with everything they need. To help lift the financial burden this can place on families in crisis and allow them to concentrate on the joy that a new school year can bring, the ‘Back to School’ campaign was initiated for the second year in a row.

The campaign was run in cooperation with our reliable long-term partner, Cradle of Hope Association, and the immense support of Tatyana Romanyukha and members of her volunteer network. With the united efforts and sponsorship of Dashin’s Foundation, over 200 students received backpacks, necessary school supplies and uniforms.

We wish all students every success in the new academic year, to make new friends, gain new knowledge and enjoy their time at school!