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Be part of the solution, not the pollution!

It is doubly pleasant to help if you join forces for an important common goal. On Friday, October 28, Exinity employees and Dashin’s Foundation joined volunteers and representatives of the City Friends Club to clean up trash from the Parekklisia area surrounding William’s Safe Shelter House.

City Friends Club is a well-known clean-up community whose primary goal is to educate and inform Cyprus residents about how to minimize waste creation, be conscious of the level of waste their household creates and reuse potentially valuable waste. From coffee to the creative arts, their projects transform the island into a conscious community against waste, focusing on preventative measures that change behaviours and stop waste before it is created.

This time, the City Friends Club offered to join forces to help a dog shelter and clean up the surrounding area and the landfill in the middle of the field. William’s Safe Shelter House is home to several hundred dogs, and unfortunately, it is surrounded by farm fields full of trash. So, dog walking turns into a walk through the garbage.

Exinity colleagues and their families readily joined the initiative, uniting their efforts for the common good.

Together with volunteers and representatives of the City Friends Club, employees of Exinity and the Dashin Foundation, we collected 90 general trash and 55 PMD bags, along with the bulky items which flooded the land around the shelter. One of the main achievements was to attract the district municipality’s attention to the pollution problem, and the liquidation of a massive dump, as a result.

The clean-up was followed by a dog walk, which the children enjoyed very much. Warm blankets and rugs collected by Exinity employees and dog beds purchased with cash donations were donated to the shelter to prepare its furry inhabitants for the cold season.