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Dashin’s Foundation supported the premiere of the famous Broadway Musical “Aladdin”

On Saturday, June 11, the famous Broadway Musical “Aladdin”, based on Disney’s Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning animated movie, was brought to life in Pattihio Theatre in Limassol with the funding of Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation as one of the sponsors.

The dazzling Broadway show was organized by the Imperial Russian Academy “Vania Vrondi”, a professional school providing comprehensive education in all fields of art, in collaboration with a non-profit organization “Art Devotion”, and featured young artists and students of the academy. The audience was taken on a journey through a favourite heart-warming tale of true love set amongst the Arabian nights, watching beloved characters come to life as we entered a whole new world where one rub of a gleaming magic lamp illuminated the stage and put you in the middle of an incredible musical adventure, packed with hilarious comedy and everlasting romance.

We gladly responded to the request to support the performances, especially after such a long break due to the pandemic when the kids could not perform yet kept working hard and stayed devoted. It was gratifying to watch them shine on stage. We enjoyed every minute of the spectacular show and were thankful for the opportunity to plunge into childhood memories again. Exinity employees and their family members attended the senior cast performance, where a portion of the tickets was given to low-income families with kids.

Dashin’s Foundation encourages and is eager to support initiatives that contribute to the advancement of children, as well as to the cultural development of the country by promoting and perfecting art in Cyprus. We are committed to aiding organizations and institutions that aim to provide opportunities for young talents that aspire to further improve their artistic backgrounds by entirely devoting themselves to the creativity and development in their chosen field of art.

We sincerely wish all the students of the Imperial Russian Academy “Vania Vrondi” a whole new world of opportunities, and professional achievements, to pursue new horizons and reach for the stars!