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Dashin’s Foundation launches a summer camp for children

Every person on this planet has a right to seek safety – whoever they are, wherever they come from and whenever they are forced to flee. Children who had to leave their homes need exceptional support. Forced separation from their home, habitual living conditions, and environment affect their emotional and mental state. For children to regain wings and feel support and care, they need an atmosphere where adaptation is possible, ensuring normal activities in a safe space of equal opportunities and protected interests, and successful social transformation to preserve and strengthen their health.

We readily support initiatives that help those in crisis and who are in need. This time, the Foundation responded to a request to help launch a summer camp for children who recently arrived on the island, covering the cost of transportation, the rent of spacious school premises, and all necessities for maintaining children at the camp. A hundred children who were forced to leave their homes could recover thanks to the attention of the organizers, teachers, and parents, as well as the support of the municipal and educational authorities.

In early August, our founder Andrey Dashin visited the school to meet the teachers and familiarize himself with the summer camp program.

“Our goal is to actively participate in initiatives aimed at helping, socializing and adapting of children. We hope the camp will contribute to restoring children’s psycho-emotional state, filling them with positive emotions, allowing them to feel support and care, providing a sense of security and faith in the future,” Andrey Dashin shared.

This initiative was implemented with the support of caring partners and thanks to the active involvement of the largest volunteer network led by Tatyana Romanyukha. She managed to find the opportunities, strength, and necessary resources to seek help for those in need and voice for them.

The Foundation calls on everyone to care because even little help can save someone’s life. We strongly believe that compassion, kindness, and thoughtfulness will make our world better. Leaving a better world for future generations.